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Web design and development for the SME's of Ireland
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  Why SMe Web Design Ireland?  

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple S!
Planning is crucial to a successful online presense, but keep it simple remember you are building the foundations to start ! You can continue to build your online presence on an ongoing basis, thereafter, with the assistance of SMe web design Ireland's graduated approach

The first decision you make about your Web site is critical - the developer you choose to design and construct your Web site can make or break the project's success.

Development firms

95% of Web developers are one-person shops.
While these developers offer the least expensive option, they approach projects from a single, limited and usually technical perspective.
2.5% are mid-sized operations, typically a team of three to 10 experts (designers, programmers, copywriters, marketing professionals, etc.). Developers in this range - including SMEIRELAND ( - offer a complete panel of services, plus a marketing focus.
2.5% are large-scale companies, developing six/seven-figure projects.

With almost 10 years in the business
OSD decided to Set Up SME Ireland to facilitate those buisnesses who need an online presence and are contrainted to a tight budget.

  Do we NEED a website ?
A significant attribute of a web site is the saving of some of your most precious resources - time and money. A web site from SMe Web Design Ireland offers you savings in both these areas. By investment in a website your prospective clients can view much of your company information on-line as opposed to lengthy phone calls or expensive brochures! Thus allowing your staff to focus on other areas and save money.

By incorporating a contact page and encouraging clients to contact you via e-mail you can keep your clients fully informed of current events, products or services within your company which may be of interest to them. It also allows your clients access to you 24 hours a day, at times they choose.

And why limit your advertising to local or national? With a web site from SMe Web Design Ireland you can advertise to your market worldwide at great value.

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